[CentOS] Postfix master-slave configuration howto

Tue Mar 27 07:53:13 UTC 2012
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Hi guys.

I have mail loop problem. I have master server (CentOS 5.x) for domain 
in question (lets call it *domainX.com* ). I used virtualmin to set it 
up for that and several other domains. It is Bind SOA for the domain and 
Postfix server. I will call this server *soa.domainX.com*

Now, I have added internal CentOS 6.x server to the company owner of the 
domain. I have given it hostname *server.domainX.com* and created 
*user1* on it. It has Postfix server on it, without public IP, and has 
*soa.domainX.com* as relay server.

What I need to learn is how to set up so mail for 
*root at server.domainX.com* and *user1 at domainX.com* stay on the 
*server.domainX.com* and master Postfix on *soa.domainX.com* stops 
refusing mail for other domains with:

"554     5.4.0 Error: too many hops (in reply to end of DATA command)"

I am already searching the net, but would appreciate link to howto or 
hint what to look for, since I mostly find irrelevant hits.



Ljubomir Ljubojevic
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