[CentOS] xfs, inode64, and NFS

Wed Mar 7 19:46:29 UTC 2012
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 03/07/12 11:27 AM, Warren Young wrote:
> Why do those embedded systems have to see a whole 74 TB storage midden?
>    Why not slice off a 1 TB or so LVM slice for them?

LVM management blows chunks.  each of these arrays (we have dozens of 
these 74TiB storage servers) will end up nearly filled up.  trying to 
manage 74 separate 1TiB file systems or even 10 separate 7TiB systems, 
and figuring out where there's freespace?  no thanks.    there's 1000s 
of those clients writing files to this archival storage, and the goal is 
to fill up the storage.

the operations folks at these production sites were using Solaris w/ ZFS 
for this in the previous (smaller) incarnation.

one solution proposed by a field site is to use SMB instead of NFS, as 
it doesn't seem to have these issues.   I personally find SMB for 
(l)Unix to (l)Unix distasteful.

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