[CentOS] Thunderbird and Firefox 10 font rendering

Mon Mar 12 08:11:00 UTC 2012
Toralf Lund <toralf.lund at pgs.com>

On 08/03/12 15:36, John Doe wrote:
> From: John Doe<jdmls at yahoo.com>
>> Hum... playing with the gnome font settings does not change anything
>> in either firefoxes...
Really? I'm trying this again now... What I'm doing is:

 1. Start firefox
 2. Select System->Preferences->Fonts from the desktop panel menu.
 3. In the "Font Preferences" window, click "Details...".
 4. Select "None" under "Smoothing:" in the "Font Rendering Details"
    window - where "Grayscale" or "Subpixel (LCDs)" was selected in the
 5. Restart firefox

... while inspecting the texts in the desktop menu and the firefox menu 
bar. Now, the destop menu text clearly changes after the step 4 - the 
letters get a somewhat thinner and more jagged appearance. The firefox 
menu bar stays the same. However, on the system running firefox 3.6.26, 
after step 5 it changes, too, so that it looks like the one on the 
desktop. With firefox 10, there is no change even after this step.

Note that I'm testing the old firefox on a system that has not got the 
latest set of updates, though, i.e. it's still essentially on CentOS 
5.7. In other words, other packages may be affecting the behaviour.

> But if you meant changing something else than rendering: if change
> the "Application font", it changes in both firefoxes instantaneously...
Yep. That works for me, too.
> Maybe check in /etc/fonts/conf.d/...
It contains a lot of files, but I suppose I'll have to look through all 
of them...

- Toralf

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