[CentOS] Linux on touch screen device

Fri Mar 30 07:09:08 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 03/29/2012 07:56 PM, Nataraj wrote:
> I have poked around in google and have seen a number of youtube videos,
> but my question is whether anyone really has linux running on any kind
> of tablet or tablet PC device in such a way that the touch screen can be
> used productively and it won't take a month to get it running? 
> Initially the two applications that are of most interest to me would be
> a good web browser (maybe chromium) and thunderbird.  I would also like
> to have a decent on screen keyboard which could be used to ssh to
> servers in an emergency.
> I've seen instructions for booting linux on various devices, but many
> people doing this are using keyboards and not touchscreens.
> Do applications like thunderbird have to be modified in order to work
> well with a touch screen or is just getting a working driver for the
> touchpad sufficient?
> If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate knowing what
> hardware your running on and what linux distro/desktop environment you
> use.  I've been interested in devices like the ASUS EP121 which is a
> dual core I5, so it wouldn't be necessary to have an ARM distribution. 
> Also the newest Asus transformer prime (arm) which I think is about 2
> months away sounds interesting.

The CentOS Project would LOVE to obtain a Hardware Donation from one (or
more) of the companies who have x86, x86_64, or ARM tablets available. 
We would make getting working drivers for the touch screen a priority if
we had hardware to work with.

If there are any tablet manufactures on the list ... and if you are
willing to provide a hardware donation of any architecture tablet (x86,
x86_64, ARM, or PPC) to the CentOS Project then contact me off list. 

Johnny Hughes

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