[CentOS] CentOS 6 - Does EFI have an impact beyond the boot sequence?

Mon Oct 15 09:43:34 UTC 2012
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


On 10/15/2012 09:31 AM, Mathieu Baudier wrote:
> I am using an up to date CentOS 6 x86_64 laptop (Thinkpad X220t) and
> after struggling a bit I could install it a few months ago with a pure
> EFI boot.

Are you sure it wasent doing a bios failback ? I'd be surprised to see a
device like that with exclusive uEFI support ( although, I know lots of
people run CentOS 6 on MacBook Air's and Macbook's of various shapes /
sizes, which have no bios mode )

> So, my questions are:
> - Does EFI impacts other things than the boot sequence? (a friend of
> mine told me that this is a complete replacement of BIOS, and thus
> impacts "everything")

to some extent yes, but once the machine is running and dmi stuff has
been setup, there would be little impact

> - Could it change (improve?) stability, power consumption, etc. if I
> would reinstall CentOS 6 using the traditional boot? (or is it just a
> legacy wrapper around an EFI "BIOS"?)

its the same grub, running with different paths. There should be no
stability impact as far as I can tell.

> Thanks in advance for your advice or for providing more details about
> what you know about EFI pro and cons!

I've switched over everything that is capable of running uEFI to uEFI
modes ( including my HP EliteBook laptop ) - and dont have any stability
or performance issues ( that I've noticed anyway ).

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