[CentOS] CentOS 6 - Does EFI have an impact beyond the boot sequence?

Mon Oct 15 17:11:06 UTC 2012
Gordon Messmer <yinyang at eburg.com>

On 10/15/2012 01:31 AM, Mathieu Baudier wrote:
> - Does EFI impacts other things than the boot sequence? (a friend of
> mine told me that this is a complete replacement of BIOS, and thus
> impacts "everything")

EFI will primarily impact driver initialization.  If you saw a problem, 
it would be during the kernel startup, before the init process began, or 
during suspend and resume.  It shouldn't impact power use or stability 
in general.

> - Could it change (improve?) stability, power consumption, etc. if I
> would reinstall CentOS 6 using the traditional boot? (or is it just a
> legacy wrapper around an EFI "BIOS"?)

The EFI firmware provides a legacy BIOS wrapper.