[CentOS] Centos 6.2 x64 after GRUB menu, black screen with blinking cursor

Wed Oct 31 22:21:48 UTC 2012
Yves Bellefeuille <yan at storm.ca>

On Wednesday 31 October 2012, David McGiven <davidmcgivenn at gmail.com> 

> I tried another approach with no luck either :
> replacing root=LABEL=UUID for root=/dev/sda1 just to see if this
> could help ... but I have the same problem.

I take it, then, that you can access and modify the file 
/boot/grub/grub.conf? If so, please post it. Make sure all files 
mentioned in grub.conf (kernel and initrd) actually exist.

> I don't really now what's going on. Is there anyway to put grub into 
> verbose mode so I can see what exactly it is doing or looking for ?

You can try removing "rhgb" from grub.conf, but if the problem is with 
Grub itself, it probably won't say more than it already does.

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