[CentOS] Partition large disk

Fri Sep 14 08:07:51 UTC 2012
Tony Molloy <tony.molloy at ul.ie>

On Thursday 13 September 2012 21:16:33 Tony Molloy wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a 24TB RAID6 disk with a GPT partition table on it. I need
>  to partition it into 2 partitions one of 16TB and 1 of 8TB to put
>  ext4 filesystems on both. But I really need to do this remotely. (
>  if I can get to the site I could use gparted )
> Now fdisk doesn't understand GPT partition tables and pat
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OOPS that was fat fingers. I didn't mean to send it.

I figured out parted can do the job for me but the interface is not the 
best. Can't use gparted as I said I have to do this remotely.

I'll certainly have a look at gdisk

Sorry for the noise. I'll let  people know how I get on after the