[CentOS] Partition large disk

Fri Sep 14 08:26:11 UTC 2012
Laurent <laurent at tnpl127.net>

Le 2012-09-14 10:07, Tony Molloy a écrit :
> OOPS that was fat fingers. I didn't mean to send it.
> I figured out parted can do the job for me but the interface is not 
> the
> best. Can't use gparted as I said I have to do this remotely.

Even if you need to do this remotely, you can use gparted through ssh 
with X11 forwarding.

> I'll certainly have a look at gdisk
> Sorry for the noise. I'll let  people know how I get on after the
> weekend.

If you consider resizing your RAID volumes one day, I'll recommend the 
already proposed solution: use LVM, with physical volume directly on the 
disk device. No partitionning. Why ? Because, as far as I known, parted 
developers has decided to remove the unmaintained/old code to resize 
ext* filesystems from parted.

I don't know about gdisk features. Perhaps, it can do better than