[CentOS] Prelink failure

Fri Sep 28 17:30:57 UTC 2012
Hugh E Cruickshank <hugh at forsoft.com>

From: Lars Hecking Sent: September 28, 2012 05:30
>  I have a number of CentOS6 machines, and on one of them, the 
> daily prelink
>  cron job aborts. Any ideas what to look for?

Hi Lars:

I can not tell you much about prelink however we recently encountered
a similar problem. Check the /var/log/prelink/prelink.log file for
more details on what caused the abort.

We were not able to resolve our issue and decided to disable prelink
(there seems to be much differing opinions as to whether or not prelink
is still required). If you decide to disable prelink then Dag Wieers
has instructions on his web site on how to do this:


So far we have not noticed any significant performance issues as a
result of this change.


Regards, Hugh

Hugh E Cruickshank, Forward Software, www.forward-software.com