[CentOS] Prelink failure

Fri Sep 28 18:01:59 UTC 2012
Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <dennisml at conversis.de>

On 09/28/2012 07:30 PM, Hugh E Cruickshank wrote:
> From: Lars Hecking Sent: September 28, 2012 05:30
>>  I have a number of CentOS6 machines, and on one of them, the 
>> daily prelink
>>  cron job aborts. Any ideas what to look for?
> Hi Lars:
> I can not tell you much about prelink however we recently encountered
> a similar problem. Check the /var/log/prelink/prelink.log file for
> more details on what caused the abort.
> We were not able to resolve our issue and decided to disable prelink
> (there seems to be much differing opinions as to whether or not prelink
> is still required). If you decide to disable prelink then Dag Wieers
> has instructions on his web site on how to do this:
>   http://dag.wieers.com/howto/compatibility/
> So far we have not noticed any significant performance issues as a
> result of this change.

Prelink is useful on desktop systems where it improves the startup
performance of applications. On a server you don't really care if apache,
mysql, etc. take 50ms longer to start.