[CentOS] [centos-6.3-desktop] Unable to login

Mon Apr 22 15:33:38 UTC 2013
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Mayur Patil wrote:
>> > One more thing as per I think I have lost only file which responsible
>> for GUI of the centos.
>> > If anyone has Idea which files I need to get Login and other explorer
>> screen back in action
>> There is no "explorer" - that's a Windows thing. You should have command
>> line login using <ctrl><alt><f2>
>   Problem is Appearance of login window. System boots normally; now I will
> try out your said command.

gnome or kde?
>> In any case, you  need to do
>> yum -y update and update your whole system to current.
>  Problem is I have installed Eucalyptus cloud,Snort IDS and now rSyslog;
> so I am in fear that update

It shouldn't. And why did you install rsyslog? That's the default system
log package in 6.x. Did you install that from something else?

You'll probably have to run whatever snort command once you do a yum
update, or I expect you'll get a lot of false warnings.
>> If you're still having gui problems, you *might* have a driver issue.
>> What
>> video do you have?
> <nsip>
>   I have not installed any video drivers before this. I tried to install
> one but it does not work. So I leave it as

You really, REALLY need to do some reading about *Nix systems. The base
install installs video drivers; if you add a desktop install, it will
install its best guess at drivers - they're already there. Unless you've
got multiple monitors, in which case you may well have trouble, then the
gui should just work.
>   everything was working fine before breakage of libgcc.686  package
> dependencies (as I remember)
>   I am in SSH with this machine from long time. I am asking if I am unable
> to get GUI then I should try to install files

Wait - how are you trying to log in, from the console, or remotely?