[CentOS] [Possibly OT] - General question: state of internet traffic

Mon Apr 1 22:04:36 UTC 2013
Max Pyziur <pyz at brama.com>


I've read reports that there has been degradation in Internet traffic over
the last month. Until today, I haven't experienced any. However, getting
bank record data from chase.com here in NYC seems impossible.

I also noticed erratic ftp behavior today; connections can be made but
data can't be transferred. This isn't consistent, though.

(I have a machine in LA while being in NYC; ftp traffic is difficult to 
establish westbound; no problem eastbound).

I haven't done any sort of consistent test, so I am not sounding alarms.
I'm just trying to get a sense of where this is happening.
And is there a reliable source of information.

Much thanks

Max Pyziur
pyz at brama.com