[CentOS] Dell R515 with PERC H700 - JBOD?

Mon Aug 12 19:59:54 UTC 2013
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Joseph Spenner wrote:
> Hello, I'm curiuos if anyone knows if it's possible to set up a Dell R515
> (which has PERC H700) to be JBOD.
> It seems the only options are RAID0 or RAID1.
> I read posts, where people say it can by done by making each disk its own
> RAID0.  This works, but it wigs out when that disk is removed, and forgets
> a disk was ever there (unless I go back in the PERC and fix it).

Unfortunately, I don't know any other way, with the PERC in it.

> My plan is to have a system where I can remove and replace the drives
> regularly, while the system is on/running.  I do this on a SuperMicro, but
> wanted to migrate this server to a Dell.
> I tried disabling the RAID in the BIOS, but then the installer never sees
> the disks.

No, that wouldn't work - the PERC mediates between the drives and the
BIOS. Until they're set up in the PERC firmware, the BIOS can't find the

One more question: why do you want to regularly replace the drives? I
mean, are you including /?