[CentOS] Dell R515 with PERC H700 - JBOD?

Mon Aug 12 20:11:02 UTC 2013
Joseph Spenner <joseph85750 at yahoo.com>

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>>Subject: Re: [CentOS] Dell R515 with PERC H700 - JBOD?
>> My plan is to have a system where I can remove and replace the drives
>> regularly, while the system is on/running.  I do this on a SuperMicro, but
>> wanted to migrate this server to a Dell.
>> I tried disabling the RAID in the BIOS, but then the installer never sees
>> the disks.
>No, that wouldn't work - the PERC mediates between the drives and the
>BIOS. Until they're set up in the PERC firmware, the BIOS can't find the
>One more question: why do you want to regularly replace the drives? I
>mean, are you including /?
>     mark

I'm running a backup server (bacula), and the media I use are 7 SATA disks.  Every week, I remove 7 disks and replace with 7 new disks.  I have a 3 week rotation.  Works great.  But I wanted to migrate to a new Dell system.

Thanks for the reply!

Joseph Spenner

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