[CentOS] CentOS6 xinetd failure

Tue Dec 10 14:02:44 UTC 2013
Lars Hecking <lhecking at users.sourceforge.net>

> > Is there any way to debug this? I suspect it needs to be debugged
> > during reboot since the service starts up fine later.
> "Address already in use" => check what is listening on port 873?
> In the rsync xinetd conf it says IPv6 here...
service rsync
        disable = no
        flags           = IPv6
        socket_type     = stream
        wait            = no
        user            = root
        server          = /usr/bin/rsync
        server_args     = --daemon
        log_on_failure  += USERID

 All machines are, correctly, showing that xinetd is listening on 873. But
 this must not be the case for at least a period of time during system