[CentOS] CentOS6 xinetd failure

Tue Dec 10 14:03:06 UTC 2013
Helmut Drodofsky <drodofsky at internet-xs.de>


I have had the same problem and I will never understand, why this is 
unchanged up to now.

- erase nfs
- change sequence number in /etc/rc3.d

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Am 10.12.2013 11:37, schrieb Lars Hecking:
>   One thing I have noticed on CentOS6 is that rsync via xinetd never
>   works after a reboot. It always takes an additional, post-reboot
>   service xinetd restart to get it going. That has been the same for
>   all revisions up to and including 6.5, and I've seen it on more than
>   just machine.
>   While I don't see such a message on other problem machines, the latest
>   reboot gave me a clue:
> Dec  9 23:28:36 host xinetd[21131]: bind failed (Address already in use (errno = 98)). service = rsync
> Dec  9 23:28:36 host xinetd[21131]: Service rsync failed to start and is deactivated.
>   Is there any way to debug this? I suspect it needs to be debugged
>   during reboot since the service starts up fine later.
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