[CentOS] Use of CentOS name and logo

Wed Jan 16 15:59:11 UTC 2013
Giacomo Sanchietti <giacomo.sanchietti at nethesis.it>

> If you do not change any of the CentOS RPMS with your added content then
> it would be fine to use the official CentOS branding and installer.
> Your content as well as ours (the entire compilation) would need to be
> GPL compatible with sources available, etc.

We don't change any CentOS RPMS, and all added RPMS are distributed 
under GPL license.

> I assume you are changing at least /etc/redhat-release and other things
> if you are shipping a "distribution" though, so the above is likely not
> true.  If you replace CentOS content with your own, then we would
> request that you change the branding for the installer.

We don't neither replace the /etc/redhat-release from the RPM: after the 
first boot there is a simple bash script which changes the 
redhat-release link.

In the end, I think we can use CentOS name and logos without re-branding.

Thanks for the support.

Giacomo Sanchietti