[CentOS] Use of CentOS name and logo

Tue Jan 15 18:27:34 UTC 2013
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 01/15/2013 03:15 AM, Giacomo Sanchietti wrote:
> Hi.
> my name is Giacomo Sanchietti and I'm working for a company called Nethesis.
> We are working on a CentOS derived distribution like SME Server.
> It's a minimal CentOS with a software layer on top to add a web 
> configuration interface.
> The CD iso, it's a CentOS minimal CD with some extras packages from 
> centos-base yum group, and a kickstart file to automatize the 
> installation process.
> We did not rebrand anaconda, so during installation (and first boot) 
> CentOS logo and name will be visible. Is this a problem? Are there any 
> legal issues? Do we need to rebrand all the distro?

If you do not change any of the CentOS RPMS with your added content then
it would be fine to use the official CentOS branding and installer. 
Your content as well as ours (the entire compilation) would need to be
GPL compatible with sources available, etc.

I assume you are changing at least /etc/redhat-release and other things
if you are shipping a "distribution" though, so the above is likely not
true.  If you replace CentOS content with your own, then we would
request that you change the branding for the installer.

We are OK with you saying that you base your distribution on CentOS
though, even if you need to change the branding. 

You can use our logo where you say you base your distribution on CentOS
(on your website, in PDF documentation, etc.) ... as long as the logo
links back to www.centos.org or you have a footnote that points to
www.centos.org in printed material.

Johnny Hughes

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