[CentOS] Software Updater issue

Thu Jan 24 17:21:42 UTC 2013
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On 01/24/2013 01:18 AM, Mark LaPierre wrote:
> Hey All,
> Heads up!
> For some reason the Software Updater thought it would be interesting for
> me if it upgraded my nvidia 304 driver with the nvidia 310.32-1 driver.
This would be elrepo's driver, right?  You'll want to uninstall 
nvidia-x11-drv (which will take the kmod with it) and install 
nvidia-x11-drv-304xx instead (which will pull in the 304 legacy driver.  
You'll need to reinstall any dependent packages with it, so take notes 
when you do the uninstall of nvidia-x11-drv.  Too bad yum doesn't do a 
'yum replace nvidia-x11-drv nvidia-x11-drv-304xx' or similar.

This was posted on the elrepo mailing list a while back; if you use the 
elrepo drivers you really need to follow the elrepo list.

And this is at core an nvidia issue, since nvidia is the one changing 
their drivers.

I've run into this on three CentOS 6+elrepo machines, including the 
laptop I'm using right now; two desktops with GeForce 6000 series and 
this laptop with a Quadro FX350M.