[CentOS] Frustrated. Java on Centos 6 doesn't give an error message when downloading from a Samsung Galaxy S3

Sat Jun 1 21:13:58 UTC 2013
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs>

On 06/01/2013 09:22 PM, Scott Robbins wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 01, 2013 at 09:06:54PM +0200, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:
>> On 06/01/2013 08:56 PM, Scott Robbins wrote:
>>> I didn't keep the email from Ljubomir, so for those of you threading the
>>> list on mutt, this will mess up the headers--please accept my apologies.
>>> I don't know why I never looked for mtpfs to compile on CentOS--after the
>>> link Ljubomir gave, I just downloaded it and compilation was trivial.   I
>>> think I was always looking for simple-mtpfs, but honestly, I don't
>>> remember.  Maybe I just never thought of it.
>>> So, many thanks to all who have kept this thread alive as I've been taking
>>> the easy way out and just using a more modern system.
>> Please provide link to rpm for Rock. Thanks.
> Firstly, MANY thanks--your link was the thing that fixed it for me.
> It wasn't an rpm, I just used the link that you gave
> http://marcofalchi.blogspot.com/2012/02/android-ics-usb-storage-on-fedora-16.html,
> downloaded the tarball from the link on the page, ran .configure && make &&
> sudo make install.
> As for libmtp, rpm -qi shows that I'm using the standard CentOS one.
> Note that it was (for me) rough around the edges, I didn't worry about
> permissions, had to run mtp-detect a couple of times, but it did work.  My
> needs are really simple though, copying a DRM ebook back and forth, or
> possible a short video snippet I made to show a friend, custom Ringtones
> and the like.

Here is link to mtfs source rpm I posted earlier, but I do not have time 
to recompile it: 

Also for Fedora 18: 

Recompiling src.rpm is better then make from tar files.

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