[CentOS] Cert RHCSA

Wed Jun 5 11:38:34 UTC 2013
Justin Edmands <shockwavecs at gmail.com>

On Jun 5, 2013, at 5:32 AM, Micky <mickylmartin at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 12:39 AM, Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org> wrote:
>> On 06/02/2013 11:39 AM, Micky wrote:
>>> Unless you really wanna spend money on it, I would say that
>>> certification is just a piece of paper. Ah discard that, in this case,
>>> it is not even a piece of paper since you don't get one after passing!
>>> Have been there, seen the guys who knew more than CEs or SAs.
>>> Just get the books, read them, study the docs and put it to use!
>> This is just not true.  Most companies who actually hire workers and pay
>> salaries want certified people.
> Yes it is not unless you are Judith Shine or Charley Babbage. Have you
> managed to find a dream job like that?
> People in the HR don't know the shit about most certifications. They
> treat all cattle the same!
>> One can certainly get a job without a certification and it does not mean
>> that the person who has a certification is the best thing since sliced
>> bread ... however, it certainly proves that the person with the
>> certification has a certain set of minimal qualifications.
> That is also not true. I see the Red Hat certification dogma following
> M$ track lately.
> If you claim that you certainly haven't been to the *real* market
> outside! If you have been to one, recently, you would know that no
> matter what certification you get, you'll mostly end up to the same
> line in the chain of food. The probability of exceptions are one a
> hundred thousand!
>> In other words, it does not raise the ceiling (or high water mark or
>> maximum) for knowledge level, but it certainly raises the floor (or low
>> water mark or minimum) knowledge that you know the person has.
> That can also be attained by just reading books, docs and most of all,
> its application.
>> It also shows that they are at least a little concerned about what they
>> look like professionally.
> Yea yea yea, I don't want to talk about my certifications.
>> In my experience, people who complain about how little certifications
>> mean don't have any and are too lazy to care about getting any ... your
>> mileage may vary.
> In my opinion, the people pushing you towards a certification have
> either something to gain from it, affiliated with the grand scheme of
> corporate profits somehow, are rich or they have simply have been
> sadly out-of-the-loop from real world!
> Although ignorance is a bliss but certifications don't really matter,
> knowledge does!
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A lot easier to justify paying you more money than others if you have a certification to show your level of expertise. It's also a way to have the younger guys to stack up against the older guys. So maybe that's the metric that they are looking for. I am young but was hired based on experience. I think the certs gave some credibility based on the time that I received the cert. A "senior" Linux admin is at least 5 years in some jobs. So having my cert dated back far enough is some form of proof that I have been into it that long. 

That being said if you need to take a class to barely get the RHCSA.... Then you probably shouldn't be a systems administrator...yet.