[CentOS] KVM console?

Wed Jun 5 19:01:40 UTC 2013
Michael H. Warfield <mhw at WittsEnd.com>

On Wed, 2013-06-05 at 12:43 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote: 
> I finally got access to some machines with more resources than the
> free VMware ESXi license allows which pushed me into trying kvm
> instead.  Seems capable enough for what I need and can even import and
> run the existing vmdk images I already have.   But, I have some
> questions about accessing the virt-manager console remotely for
> initial configuration, etc..   Normally I use freenx for remote GUI
> access and it seems to work except that on the Windows guest I tried
> the cursor position never stays in sync.   Are there better ways to
> get remote access to the GUI or centralize access to a group of KVM
> servers?   Or do most people automate the VM setup to the point where
> they don't need console access until it is up on the network where you
> can connect directly to the guest?

Use use Remmina as a client and freenx on most of my servers.  Remmina
supports NX, RDP, VNC, native X11 and others an can tunnel any over ssh.
That being said, I've heard some people say some very good things about
Spice (not to be confused with the electrical engineering Spice as in
gnuspice), which is NOT support by Remmina.

Someone told me that Spice  was only usable for host to VM remote
desktops but, the last I heard, it looks like it's approaching a general
purpose remote desktop that can outperform NX.  But it's really hard to
beat NX.

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