[CentOS] crash with CentOS 6.3 2.6.32-220.4.1.el6.x86_64

Fri Jun 14 15:41:15 UTC 2013
drichards at globalcerts.net <drichards at globalcerts.net>

Thanks for the comment. It was not a user, but a monitoring tool that was
using telnet. We will be re-writing that tool.

> drichards at globalcerts.net wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Has anyone seen a crash triggered by an incoming telnet connection? It
>> seems that that's what we are experiencing on a certain system.
>> It happens randomly, hard to reproduce. Attached is the crash screen
>> shot.
> Sorry, this is a text-only mailing list - attachments are deleted.
> Incoming telnet connection: *why* is there an incoming telnet connection?
> The only thing I know anyone using telnet for *anywhere* in the last six
> or eight years is to check a mail or other port, to see if it responds. It
> should NOT BE USED for anything anymore. If you've got users using it,
> break them of that habit, yesterday, because you are incredibly vulnerable
> to anyone who cares. Move them to ssh.
>      mark
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