[CentOS] Firefox - remote xul manager gone after Centos update

Fri Jun 21 08:32:33 UTC 2013
Johan Vermeulen <jvermeulen at cawdekempen.be>

Op 21-06-13 10:23, Nux! schreef:
> On 21.06.2013 09:13, Johan Vermeulen wrote:
>> No, disabling Selinux did not do it.
>> So far the only way to get it back it copying back entire .mozilla
>> file
>> from old backups.
> If that fixed it, then it wasn't the "yum update" that caused the
> problem.. Yum will never touch that. It must have been something else,
> likely pebcak.

thanks for that......

yesterday evening, I pulled out a laptop that didn't update for a while.
I opened Firefox, under Extra-Webdeveloper it showed remote xul manager.

I ran yum update, it updated some 43 packages.

I reopened Firefox, xul manager was gone.

I did nothing else on the machine.
So I think it's not pebcak