[CentOS] lost connection during yum update

Sun Mar 10 13:04:14 UTC 2013
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 03/09/2013 09:36 PM, Frank Cox wrote:
> During today's big Centos 6 update I lost my connection to a machine during the
> "yum update" and when I logged back in and ran yum update again it told me to
> run yum-complete-transaction.  When I ran yum-complete-transaction I got
> screen after screen of "x is a duplicate with x" where x consists of a huge
> list of packages.
> "package-cleanup --dupes" gives me a huge list of packages.
> I think that my next step here should be "package-cleanup --cleandupes" but
> when I do that it tells me that it will remove 800-plus mb of files.  I suppose
> it's the the same list that I get with "package-cleanup --dupes".
> Do I want to do this or will that nuke the operating system?  If not, what
> should I be doing?

First off ... from now on run yum updates inside a "screen" session. 
Install with:

yum install screen

Here is info on sreen:


At this point you will need to clean up before you install screen.  You
might first try the utility yum-complete-transaction:


As soon as you get the transaction completed, install screen and ALWAYS
do yum updates in a screen or vnc session so that the transaction will
complete if you drop the connection.

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