[CentOS] Postfix vs Sendmail

Sat Nov 2 17:38:02 UTC 2013
Luigi Rosa <lists at luigirosa.com>

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Timothy Murphy said the following on 02/11/2013 13:57:

> Having looked into postfix/amavis a little further, it seems to me to
> involve excessively complicated processes (at least for a simple home
> server) with email going along spaghetti-like routes.

For a simple home mail server that routes all the outbound mail to ISP MTA
every software is fine, also a SMTP emulator written in Perl :)

If you are the sysadmin of MTAs on the front line and you have a lot of users
things change.

When you choose a MTA you must take in account many factors and try to avoid
"religion" arguments.

Among such factors:
* security
* easy (for the SysAdmin in charge, not for EVERY SysAdmin) to manage and
* active support
* security
* interoperability with the other components of the mail system (user base,
IMAP/POP server, antivirus, antispam, vacation...)
* speed
* security
* log files easy to read to trace mail errors
* easy implementation of "new" mail protocol extension (such as TLS)

There are often some sort of "mail ecosystems", that is a group of programs
(MTA, IMAP, administration tools, Webmail) that interact nicely one with another.

That said, choosing a MTA is not like casting a vote in a ballot, but making a
wise logical decison after an extensive analysis of the situation.


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