[CentOS] How to debug a crash.. Looks like an abrt file.

Sat Nov 2 16:34:20 UTC 2013
Howard Leadmon <howard at leadmon.net>

  I have to say the CentOS machines I have used so far seem to work well, so
I was surprised the other day when an HP DL580G5 I had running  CentOS 6.4
x86_64 the other day for some VM's under KVM/QEMU went belly up.   Sadly the
sucker was a remote box, so I wasn't just sitting in front of the console,
but it looks like it left some files in
/var/spool/abrt/oops-2013-11-01-14:00:22-8047-1 on the machine. The kernel
on the box says it's 2.6.32-358.23.2.el6.x86_64 

 I have never used abrt, and looking for a man page on abrt didn't seem to
come up with anything revealing that was useful.  Needless to say having a
box got down hard isn't really a good thing, so I am wondering if has any
pointers or suggestions on how I can figure out what caused this crash, and
if there is any way to correct this so it doesn't just keep happening.
Bad enough to have a server crash, even worse when it takes along a bunch of
working VM's with it..

Howard Leadmon