[CentOS] RAM Requirements

Sat Nov 23 19:36:08 UTC 2013
Jerry Franz <jfranz at freerun.com>

On 11/23/2013 07:40 AM, Fred Smith wrote:
> I doubt it was an actual 80386. For some years the minimum CPU 
> requirement has been i686, which was Pentium Pro or greater. More 
> recently the additional requirement of a CPU with PAE capabilities. I 
> rather doubt that a processor that ran RH9 (a decade or more ago) 
> would have PAE, though I have been wrong before (once or twice! :) :)

I've got a machine that started life running RH7.3, was migrated to 
CentOS3 and is still running it (though hopefully not much longer - I am 
retiring the machine before it decides that a decade plus of service is 
long enough and dies on its own). The motherboard BIOS date is 
05/15/2003 and the dual CPUs are 3Ghz Xeons with hyperthreading and, 
yes, PAE.

That isn't even the oldest running system here. That honor goes to a 
system currently with CentOS5, a motherboard BIOS date of 03/29/2000, 
384 MBytes of memory, running a Celeron 500 MHz CPU with PAE (also 
facing retirement in the near future).


Benjamin Franz