[CentOS] Linux alternative to MS OneNote

Sun Nov 24 12:48:40 UTC 2013
David McGuffey <davidmcguffey at verizon.net>

Have been looking for an alternative to OneNote which will run on

I've looked at Evernote, but it's support for Linux is emerging
(supports Android, but not other flavors yet).

I've looked at nixnote, but it looks as though I might have to make from
source. I can do that, but would prefer to find something in the
standard CentOS repositories.

None of the other recommendations I've found out on the net show up in
any 'yum list recommended-tool' runs.

Most seem to recommend getting an MS Live account and accessing OneNote
in the MS cloud with a browser.  I suppose I could do that, but would
prefer my data stay on my CentOS box.

Any recommendations here?

Dave M