[CentOS] MultiTech MT5634ZBA usb modems

Sun Nov 24 23:21:30 UTC 2013
Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at PoMec.net>


I have a centos 5.10 machine set up to be a fax server using hylafax+
with three multitech MT5634ZBA modems.  I am still in the testing phase
of using this system for production, and during my tests I have detected
a problem I have not been able to solve except for unplugging the modem
from the usb port and plugging it back into the usb port.  

In the middle of a fax production of around 1,000 faxes the ttyACM0
device becomes disabled and disappears.  I have only had this happen
twice so I have not collected sufficient data to figure out what is
happening.  When I remotely reboot the os, the system comes up and
ignores the modem that has become faulty, and of course ttyACM0 is
assigned to a different modem.  

Has anyone had problems with the MT5634SBA modems, and if so what modems
would you recommend by way of replacements.  

Is there a way to turn off a usb port so that I could power down the
modem remotely, and then bring it back up.  I think if I could do this,
remotely, I may be able to save the use of these modems.  Otherwise, I
am going to be required to have someone unplug the modem and plug it
back in to reset it in order to make it work.  

hylafax+ seems to be working fine, it just reports that the modem has
become inaccessible.  

Any ideas?

Thanks much,

Greg Ennis