[CentOS] OT hardware question

Sat Feb 1 11:18:22 UTC 2014
Daniel Bird <dbird at sgul.ac.uk>

On 31/01/2014 15:52, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> With the continuing annoyance from motion, my manager's asked me to go
> looking again for a video surveillance appliance: basically, a
> motion-detecting DVR and cameras. The big thing, of course, is a) price
> (this is a US federal gov't agency, and being civilian, money is *tight*,
> don't give me the libertarian/GOP line about how freely we spend,
> thankyouverymuch), b) it has to be on the network, and c) we need to be
> able to d/l to a server, and rm after we do that... and we want to script
> or cron job that.
Looking down the thread, probably not what you want to hear since it
runs on Windows, and it's not an "appliance", more DIY, however


Is "free" and works really well. Feature list is everything you'd expect
from a surveillance system.

We use cheap (<£40) IP camera's like

in our DC.  However, with this, the chose is yours since the list of
supported cameras is as long as your arm.

We have this running on a very old core duo 2 PC, with 2 GB of ram (Win
7) ; with 8 cameras and motion detect running. Works a treat, and has
done for 2 yrs+

Only downside is you need a subscription if you want to monitor outside
your LAN, but I don't see that requirement from you.