[CentOS] Motion Detecting Camera

Sat Feb 1 14:27:23 UTC 2014
Leslie S Satenstein <lsatenstein at yahoo.com>

mark wrote

With the continuing annoyance from motion, my manager's asked me to go
looking again for a video surveillance appliance: basically, a
motion-detecting DVR and cameras. The big thing, of course, is a) price
(this is a US federal gov't agency, and being civilian, money is *tight*,
don't give me the libertarian/GOP line about how freely we spend,
thankyouverymuch), b) it has to be on the network, and c) we need to be
able to d/l to a server, and rm after we do that... and we want to script
or cron job that.

I was in Costco (USA warehouse store) and saw a Philips LED display, Camera, Recorder, that was motorized. The camera followed the movement across the front of it, and could snapshot to a memory chip.  It was under $80.00 for the ensemble. The floor model worked well.

If you do not require realtime recording to a hard disk, then this item may be a reasonable cost solution.



Mr. Leslie Satenstein