[CentOS] Backing up Xen vm's

Thu Feb 13 12:34:21 UTC 2014
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 02/13/2014 12:03 PM, Johan Vermeulen wrote:
> Dear All,
> because the organization I work for has to enter the  21 century
 > eventually, and encouraged by the the excellent wiki's available,
> I'm giving Xen a try.
> I' ve tested setting it all up but I have this question concerning
> making backups.
> i' ve noticed that virsh snaphot-create does not work, and googling
 > this, I can find many posts describing making backups with rbackup,
 > lvm , dd, ....
> The thing is there is not always a date with these posts and articles,
> so before I dig into this:
> Is this still the way this is done, or is there now a more
> straightforward way to backup ( Xen ) vm's?

have a look "in the horse's mouth".


[watch for line wrap]

> Many thanks for any advise.

many welcomes.


peace out.

in a world with out fences, who needs gates.