[CentOS] Backing up Xen vm's

Fri Feb 14 08:56:20 UTC 2014
Johan Vermeulen <jvermeulen at cawdekempen.be>

op 13-02-14 13:34, g schreef:
> On 02/13/2014 12:03 PM, Johan Vermeulen wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> because the organization I work for has to enter the  21 century
>   > eventually, and encouraged by the the excellent wiki's available,
>> I'm giving Xen a try.
>> I' ve tested setting it all up but I have this question concerning
>> making backups.
>> i' ve noticed that virsh snaphot-create does not work, and googling
>   > this, I can find many posts describing making backups with rbackup,
>   > lvm , dd, ....
>> The thing is there is not always a date with these posts and articles,
>> so before I dig into this:
>> Is this still the way this is done, or is there now a more
>> straightforward way to backup ( Xen ) vm's?
> have a look "in the horse's mouth".
> http://www.xenproject.org/component/search/?searchword=backup&searchphrase=all&Itemid=435
> [watch for line wrap]
>> Many thanks for any advise.
> many welcomes.
Hello g, hello All,

thanks for the reaction.

I see nothing on the Xen site applicable to my ( relatively simple ) 
Xen-on-Centos6 setup.
I don't want to install a control panel or Xen Xcp.

I will try this one : 

   * Search for the uuid of the VMs to backup
                      # xe vm-list is-control-domain=false 
     * Create a snapshot of each (running) VM
                     #  xe vm-snapshot 
uuid=d61bfc1a-33b2-5406-7ea5-76e4f7113220 new-name-label=snapshotname
     * Save the snapshot to file
                     #  xe template-param-set is-a-template=false 
ha-always-run=false uuid=b759625c-eab5-4e0f-      be5e-a05bcbad869a
                      #xe vm-export 
vm=b759625c-eab5-4e0f-be5e-a05bcbad869a filename=filename.xva
     * Remove the created snapshot
                     #  xe vm-uninstall 
uuid=b759625c-eab5-4e0f-be5e-a05bcbad869a force=true

and see how it goes.

Greetings to All