[CentOS] Mother board recommendation

Tue Jun 3 21:58:50 UTC 2014
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On 06/03/2014 01:53 PM, Rainer Duffner wrote:
> That’s why you replace both.
> Or, if you build your own servers in significant quantities, you’ve got to do you’re own stock-keeping.
> Need 24 hard drives? Buy 30!
> Need 12 PSUs for 6 servers? Buy 16.
This may be industry standard, and I understand that. I just think that 
it's a poor showing that this is what you have to do to take advantage 
of technology meant to be more reliable than "consumer grade" stuff, 
which somehow manages to be quite reliable even if you mix and match.

So, the "better" one is, in practice, less reliable unless you follow 
extremely narrow guidelines, and not only pay more per unit, but buy 
more units than needed! Usually, the cheap one is flaky and unreliable, 
and the expensive one "just works". See: shovels, auto parts, shoes, 
kitchen knives, mechanic tools, bread machines, and virtually every 
other product category on the market.

My complaining on an obscure list won't change anything, but this is 
still a sorry state for ECC.