[CentOS] Mother board recommendation

Tue Jun 3 22:36:34 UTC 2014
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 6/3/2014 2:58 PM, Lists wrote:
> This may be industry standard, and I understand that. I just think that
> it's a poor showing that this is what you have to do to take advantage
> of technology meant to be more reliable than "consumer grade" stuff,
> which somehow manages to be quite reliable even if you mix and match.
  consumer non-ECC memory will just pass occasional bad bits under those 
same circumstances of mismatched timing or voltages or whatver.

I do suppose noone remembers the SDRAM (pre-DDR) where AMD systems would 
support 256MB single rank DIMMs but Intel systems only supported 128MB 
single rank and the rather rare 256MB dual rank (oft called double sided 
because they usually were) but often had problems if you used 4 of these.

in fact, my previous Intel Core2Duo desktop was unreliable with 4 dimms, 
yet rock solid with 2, and this was regardless of the timing.    4 dimms 
would boot, pass memtest, etc, but the system would randomly lockup with 
no clues.   ECC would have thrown a fault the instant there was a bad bit.

dynamic memory is much more complex than it superficially appears.

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