[CentOS] squid proxy, https and apple store - SOLVED

Fri Jun 13 13:16:37 UTC 2014
Eliezer Croitoru <eliezer at ngtech.co.il>

Take a look at:


On 06/12/2014 09:38 AM, Götz Reinicke - IT Koordinator wrote:
> Hi,
> I checked the old config again and cant find any misconfiguration and
> did not get any more feedback.
> On a centos 6.x system I installed as suggested squid3 (squid-3.1.19)
> fromhttp://people.redhat.com/jskala/squid/  using my squid2 config.
> No problems so far and I can access the Apple app store with the Apple
> app store app within OS X.
> Problem solved!
> 	Thanks very much for that hint . Regards . Götz