[CentOS] CentOS Digest, Vol 116, Issue 2

Wed Sep 3 00:54:43 UTC 2014
nampt2 <nam_phamtien at yahoo.com>

Hi Alexander,

Thank for replying me!
I tried follow your ideas.
My if-down script was not working.

However i find out this issue regrading xl2tpd.
In/Makefile/ of xl2tpd source code v 1.3.6 :

         "/-DTRUST_PPPD_TO_DIE //
//        ...//
//        # The cost of not trusting pppd to die (and shoot it down 
hard), is that your//
//        # pppd's //*ip-down scripts*//will not have a chance to run/."

So i just enable /-DTRUST_PPPD_TO_DIE /and rebuild xl2tpd.
The problem solved. My if-down script 's working well now!

Greetings !