[CentOS] Centos 6.5 installer failure w/Adaptec 2400A RAID 10

Wed Sep 3 17:45:05 UTC 2014
Ed Westphal <enwestph at rochester.rr.com>

I have Centos 5.10 that I decided to upgrade to 6.5 via DVD iso. 
Installer worked fine - up to point where it was looking for disks to 
install the image on. Could not find a workaround to get it to install. 
Obviously, prior instances of Centos worked just fine in this regard. I 
then tried a DVD iso image of Linux Mint 17. Installed just fine w/LVM 
working flawlessly. Can anyone point me to any resources where I could 
find a workaround to this problem? I've looked without success. Thanks.