[CentOS] Is it safe to go from CentOS6.5 to CentOS 7 at this time

Mon Sep 29 13:56:52 UTC 2014
Dan Hyatt <dhyatt at dsgmail.wustl.edu>

I am looking for opinions and personal experience on CentOS7 for both 
grid and virtualized web environments.
I am currently on CentOS6.5 in a production environment.

I am about to add about 50 more servers to my grid and am trying to 
identify the advantages and disadvantages of going to CentOS7.
The good part is, that I have some tolerance for backing out and 
installing CentOS6.5 if 7 does not work out.

I read the comments about what CentOS7 brings but want to make sure that 
I am not introducing undue risk. Not seen a lot of issues with it.

I also have a small private cloud (VMWare esxi) and wanted to know if 
anyone was using  CentOS7 there.

The basic question: Should I be holding off a little longer on going to 
CentOS7 in production?