Mon Sep 8 19:03:29 UTC 2014
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>

On 8 Sep 2014 17:00, "Frantisek Hanzlik" <franta at hanzlici.cz> wrote ...
> Hi James, thanks for reply. It seems as at SerNet's site have packages
> for RHEL6/Centos6 only, not for RHEL7/Centos7 or any Fedora versions,
> at least this.

Indeed but fortunately EL6 has many years ahead of it yet.

> Regarding to Samba4 with MIT in 4.2/4.3 - as I know, 4.2 still is not
> even in rc, thus final release can be perhaps at the turn of the year.

The rc is due Sep 15th last I heard.

> And when time between releases is approx. 9 month, then we can wait around
> for year...
> I'll keep my fingers crossed, that it happen in 4.2

Andrew Bartlett has expressed an opinion on the samba technical list that
he'd be in favour of a very short 4.2 cycle if it means getting these sort
of updates out.