Sat Sep 13 18:39:57 UTC 2014
Markus Steinborn <markus at msteinborn.de>

Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
> Are somewhere for these distribution available (unofficial) Samba4
> RPMs packages with Heimdal Kerberos?
I am trying to build some - as I want them, too.

See http://rghost.net/57999078 for a xompressed tarball with the mock 
result (i. e. srpm, rpm and build logs).

The package is working, but there is one problem I need help to fix it:

Starting samba by "systemctl start samba.service" or "service start 
samba" seems to start samba, but if you try to join a domain from a 
windows client, it will fail reproting that the rpc server is not available.

If you start samba by running "/usr/sbin/samba" from a console where 
root is logged in, samba is working as expected: Windows clients can 
join the domain.

Any idea how to fix that issue?

Thanks + Greetings from Germany

Markus Steinborn