Sun Sep 14 03:41:08 UTC 2014
Rob Kampen <rkampen at reaching-clients.com>

On 09/14/2014 06:39 AM, Markus Steinborn wrote:
> Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
>> Are somewhere for these distribution available (unofficial) Samba4
>> RPMs packages with Heimdal Kerberos?
> I am trying to build some - as I want them, too.
> See http://rghost.net/57999078 for a xompressed tarball with the mock 
> result (i. e. srpm, rpm and build logs).
> The package is working, but there is one problem I need help to fix it:
> Starting samba by "systemctl start samba.service" or "service start 
> samba" seems to start samba, but if you try to join a domain from a 
> windows client, it will fail reproting that the rpc server is not 
> available.
> If you start samba by running "/usr/sbin/samba" from a console where 
> root is logged in, samba is working as expected: Windows clients can 
> join the domain.
> Any idea how to fix that issue?
Would this be due to not starting the nmb service? Samba provide two 
services smb AND nmb, you want to ensure both are running. HTH
> Thanks + Greetings from Germany
> Markus Steinborn
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