Sun Sep 14 07:57:35 UTC 2014
Markus Steinborn <markus at msteinborn.de>

Hi Rob,

Rob Kampen wrote:
> Would this be due to not starting the nmb service? Samba provide two 
> services smb AND nmb, you want to ensure both are running. HTH
Well, for AC DC mode, starting samb and/or nmbd ussues an error saying 
you would have to start "samba" instead - in this mode smbd and nmbd are 
not supposed to be started directly.

And "ps xa" shows identical process lists for the working variant 
"startet by "/usr/sbin/samba" and for the non working variant "/service 
samba start".

But I also had an idea what to check: Turning selinux off did fix the 
samba started by systemd. So it is a selinux issue.


Markus Steinborn