[CentOS] Canon PIXMA mg5420 or HP Photo Smart 7520

Tue Sep 9 16:42:42 UTC 2014
a. <thissideup at riseup.net>

Canon has official Linux Support too (albeit they are somewhat outdated
11/2012 - I remember that I recently had to backport some old and
deprecated packages in Ubuntu 14 for a related Pixma because of

I also considered to buy a new printer with some neat extra features I
currently do not have. In fact I came to the exact same models you have
in your research, so at least thats something.
I agree, the cartridges for inkjets are extremely expensive, but as long
as you keep it to average private uses (i.e. printing the annual tax
forms) its imho cheaper than the huge investment costs of laser
printers. Also both have separate cartridges for the colors, so thats a
plus (although try _buying_ them separately, almost impossible...).

My experience from scanning with a very old multi-purpose HP printer was
very pleasant, as SANE found it without any hassles. SANE in general
worked very nicely for flatbed scanners in my experience anyway,
provided the necessary drivers are installed.
I have never scanned with a Canon before, but their drivers for printers
seemed very solid to me and they integrated perfectly into the printing
GUIs of my applications (which HP never did). Canon however has the
tendency to recalibrate its cartridges when there was an outage while
still being turned on, so wasting a lot of ink. But always turning it to
standby (before cutting the electricity) is probably best anyway.

If you decide on one, feel free to tell on which one your decision fell.
I'd really liked to know!


On 09/09/2014 06:12 AM, dE wrote:
> On 09/09/14 04:36, ken wrote:
>> In need of a new printer, having done a bit or research, and
>> considering either the Canon PIXMA mg5420  or the HP Photo Smart 7520.
>> There are Linux drivers for the Photosmart which are supposed to
>> handle both the printer and the scanner.  But in my research I haven't
>> found (yet) anyone who's gotten the scanner to work with Linux on the
>> Photosmart, let alone the sheet feeder for it. Allegedly there are
>> instructions and requirements for using the fax on Linux.  But I'd
>> like to hear from someone who has actually gotten all of this working
>> on Linux (either debian or centos) and which version of which distro
>> is needed.
>> The Canon PIXMA mg5420 doesn't have a fax or a sheet feeder for its
>> scanner, but I'm guessing it's even dodgier to get just its
>> single-sheet flatbed scanner and its printer working with Linux. So
>> has anyone had success with that?
>> I've also read horror stories about the how often new ink cartridges
>> are required, that basically you pay for the printer a second and
>> third time buying cartridges (not to mention how often a print job is
>> interrupted by a trip to buy new cartridges).  Any first-hand reports
>> on that?
>> Whoever thought spending money would be so tough?
>> Thanks for your knowledge and experience.
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> HP has official Linux support.
> We have a clear winner.
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