[CentOS] Canon PIXMA mg5420 or HP Photo Smart 7520

Tue Sep 9 16:56:45 UTC 2014
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 9/9/2014 9:42 AM, a. wrote:
> its imho cheaper than the huge investment costs of laser
> printers.

B&W laser printers are as cheap as $70, for example, Brother HL-2240, 
and have vastly lower price-per-page... they print well on the cheapest 
copier paper (inkjets tend to need premium surfaced papers or they look 
very smudgy), the toner cartridges are /way/ cheaper than inkjet inks 
per page.

we have a cheap older brother all-in-one here thats printed 18600 
pages(*) so far, using 1 drum and 8 toners.  its had 20 total paper jams 
in all that.   its also scanned/faxed/copied  2600 pages with 8 document 
feeder jams (per its status page).   its an ethernet network printer, so 
the whole household can print to it directly.

(*) 2 high school students, plus tech-writer wife who was also running 
girlscout activities, red cross training, etc, took its toll on the pulp 
forests.   thankfully both kids are away in college and my wife has 
wound down her volunteer activities.

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