[CentOS] Upgrade from CentOS 6.x to 7

Wed Sep 10 19:11:11 UTC 2014
Pete Geenhuizen <pete at geenhuizen.net>

Sure, I can umount /usr/local and comment it out of fstab, my comment 
was more about the fact that the software confused my configuration more 
that than anything else.  But then again it's probably best that they 
take the most conservative route and make folks aware of any and all 
possible ways that it might fail.

The report also listed a driver for an Ethernet card that was not 
supported in CentOS 7 which does make the software useful for 
identifying things like that.

All in all I think that it's worthwhile to run the software to see what 
it finds so that you can be aware of the types of issues that you might 
run into.

I agree that doing an upgrade using this method would be a bit of a last 
resort, I might try it just to see how it goes, just for the heck of it, 
but ultimately a re-install is best as it get's rid of all the chaff as 

On 09/10/14 14:45, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 1:24 PM, Pete Geenhuizen <pete at geenhuizen.net> wrote:
> You should be able to just unmount /usr/local and take it out of fstab
> for the duration of the upgrade then put it back and fix the contents
> later.   But, that sort of thing makes a bare-metal reinstall sound
> even more sensible since it shows how many options there are and how
> many they may not have considered.

Unencumbered by the thought process.
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