[CentOS] Centos 7 RAID tutorial?

Thu Sep 11 19:48:36 UTC 2014
Sven Kieske <svenkieske at gmail.com>

On 11.09.2014 01:27, Scott Robbins wrote:
> In contrast, the CentOS wiki article, if running CentOS 5 or 6,
> gives an easy to follow guide, complete with commands one might
> actually type.  (At least some of the instructions don't seem to
> work with CentOS 7 though)

Did you read the topic of this thread?
This is about version 7 ;)

furthermore, which wiki article are you referring to?
the search yields many results like:

which might be not what you want, depending on what you want.
I'm no fan of copy and paste tutorials if they are not used just
for very specific use cases. and just using a centos 5 tutorial on
centos 7 seems not to be the best way to start things.