[CentOS] bizarre problem with performance

Thu Sep 18 04:48:35 UTC 2014
Dan Hyatt <dhyatt at dsgmail.wustl.edu>

On my messages, I only get that annoying nfs warning message that is common.

What is strange is it is the LOCAL ROOT filesystem

The NFS mounted filesystems work fine.

I was surprised that everything seems to work well on root as long as it 
is not looking at the root filesystem  filesystem type commands like df 
-h or ls

Dell did a hardware diagnostic and said there is nothing in the 
hardware. Suggesting that I boot the server into single user mode and do 
a fsck on the root filesystem

On 9/17/2014 8:54 PM, Keith Keller wrote:
> On 2014-09-18, Gerry Reno <greno at verizon.net> wrote:
>> Right off hand I would say that NFS is hanging and/or bad DNS lookup
>> timeout.
> The OP said the hanging issue is only impacting local filesystems, not
> network.
>> On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 5:41 PM, Dan Hyatt <dhyatt at dsgmail.wustl.edu> wrote:
>>> any suggestions.
> Did you check your logs and dmesg for interesting error messages?
> --keith